Getting Started

We believe in miracles. You will, too.

Suffering from infertility? Don’t give up…we are here to help. Our Gold Coast team will help you achieve your dreams of parenthood.

Our team of doctors, nurses, medical assistants, patient concierges and billers, and lab personnel all go above and beyond to manifest the best success for each and every one of our patients.

The Gold Coast Secret

  1. We insist on knowing every cause of your infertility and do more analysis before we even start than many centers do in your entire treatment. A brief step before we begin, to pinpoint each contributing factor, can save months or years of treatment detours or even over-treatment when something lesser might be more appropriate.
  2. We analyze every treatment attempt of your past attempts before meeting us to understand exactly why it didn’t work- and it’s usually not just “bad luck.” Treatment that fails could be due to chance, or another diagnosis could have been missed or not individualized. We analyze every attempt while with us always striving to learn more about your unique case.
  3. We have the most cutting-edge treatment technology available anywhere in the world. This includes our state of the art imaging ultrasounds, equipment cleaning technology, embryo incubators, and even the groundbreaking air purification system of our entire lab and procedure facility.
  4. Our single team of doctors, nurses, and medical staff knows every detail of your past and present fertility and nothing gets “lost in translation.” We pride ourselves on being the center “where everybody knows your name.”

Getting started is easy…just call us today to set up an appointment. We also conduct phone and video consultations for our out-of-town and international patients. We will also help you navigate your insurance to maximize your coverage.

Don’t delay any further. You can schedule a new patient appointment right now here.